harold.haroldker(N, side='right')

This function is a straightforward basis computation for the right/left nullspace for rank deficient or fat/tall matrices.

It simply returns the remaining columns of the right factor of the singular value decomposition whenever applicable. Otherwise returns a zero vector such that it has the same number of rows as the columns of the argument, hence the dot product makes sense.

The basis columns have unity 2-norm except for the trivial zeros.

  • N ((m,n) array_like) – Matrix for which the nullspace basis to be computed
  • side ({'right','left'} string) – The switch for the right or left nullspace computation.

Nn ((n,dim) array_like) – Basis for the nullspace. dim is the dimension of the nullspace. If the nullspace is trivial then dim is 1 for consistent 2D array output