harold.state_to_transfer(state_or_abcd, output='system')

Converts a State to a Transfer

If the input is a Transfer object it returns the argument with no modifications.

The algorithm [1] can be summarized as iterating over every row/columns of C/B to get SISO Transfer representations via \(c(sI-A)^{-1}b+d\).

  • state_or_abcd (State, tuple) –
  • output (str) – Selects whether a State object or individual numerator, denominator will be returned via the options 'system',``’polynomials’``.

G (Transfer, tuple) – If output keyword is set to 'system' otherwise a 2-tuple of ndarrays is returned as num and den if the output keyword is set to 'polynomials'


[1]Varga, Sima, 1981, DOI:10.1080/00207178108922980.