harold.step_response_plot(sys, t=None, style=None, **kwargs)

Plots the step response of model(s). If the model is MIMO then the response is plotted as a subplot from input m to output p on a (p x m) plot matrix for each model.

  • sys ({State, Transfer}, iterable) – The system(s) for which the step response plots will be drawn. For multiple plots, place the systems inside a list, tuples, etc. Generators will not work as they will be exhausted before the plotting is performed.
  • t (array_like, optional) – The 1D array that represents the time sequence. If sys is an iterable t is used for all systems.
  • style (cycler.Cycler, optional) – Matplotlib cycler class instance for defining the properties of the plot artists. If not given, the current defaults will be used.
  • any, all remaining kwargs are passed to matplotlib.pyplot.subplots() (If) –

fig (matplotlib.axes._subplots.AxesSubplot) – Returns the figure handle of the step response